Why? to What now?

I have read a great deal of Adam Hamilton's book Why? and am finding nuggets of understanding.  This is an honest book that deals with the reality of suffering in everyone's life, but especially in the life of one who puts faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Hamilton recounts examples of faithful Christians who go through a struggle to believe in God when awful things happen to them - death of a child, assaults, divorce - and what conclusions they draw through the struggle.  They feel God's sustaining presence through their anger and disbelief, and are lead through that fire of pain and suffering from the question "Why?" to the question "What now?"

We've been there, and are still there.  We have come from the initial "Why?" to a kind of "What now?" that lead us to plan a walk to benefit HDSA.  The money we raised will benefit others who are walking this road.  We pray for researchers that they will find a cure.  We hope for future generations to be spared this pain.

There are miracles, of course, but the nature of miracles is that they are rare.  We are praying for peace and mercy.  God is walking with us, sustaining us, and helping us through this valley of the shadow.  This will forever change who we are, how we see the world.  We are also experiencing the comfort of God in ways that we didn't think possible only a year ago.

Living in the "What now?" is so much better than wallowing in the "Why?"  Don't get me wrong, we still cry out in anguish with "Why?" and run to rest in God's arms until we are able again to ask "What now?"


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