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We are in a time of transition.  So many things have changed for us.  Kenny and I are creating new patterns of living.  We are taking the first steps to explore new interests.

As parents, we put our own needs and desires aside to be the best parents we could.  Neither of us regret a minute of the time we spent with Lacy, or the experiences we passed up.  I don't know that I could name any of them, as the life we had was full and joyful, even in times of great difficulty.

Kenny and I are considering the word "vitality" rather than "happiness."  What does it mean to be full of "vitality?"  We have a few ideas.

Vitality means....
      Openness to new experiences
      Meeting new people
      Expanding our "tent"
      Thinking about our individual passions and nurturing them
      Looking for those moments when God speaks, recognizing His voice, growing in love and joy.

The pain of separation is still there, but our connection to Lacy is inta…