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Little Children

Halloween is an event in our neighborhood.  Kids come from all over the community, and many from neighboring towns.  I love sitting in front of my house and playing at being a "fortune teller" telling everyone that I "see candy in your future."

About an hour into the Halloween extravaganza, a sweet little angel toddled up to my chair and the candy.  She had Down Syndrome, and gleefully plunged her chubby little hand into the candy bowl.  Kenny and I smiled at her - she was a darling - but her dad hurried up apologizing "I'm sorry…" and urging her away.

You wouldn't have heard an "I'm sorry" from the parent of a "normal" toddler, but somehow parents of special needs kids feel the urge to apologize for the intrusion.  I know I sometimes felt that pull to make amends for a perceived insult - as though my child's mere existence was an insult - but I tried to stifle that tendency.

We told that dad that there was no need to …