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We had high hopes for Thanksgiving.  I think the relative ease of Lacy's transition to Shiloh had lulled us into thinking that our holiday with Lacy would be just as uneventful.  Sadly, once we picked him up from Shiloh, the paranoia and accusations began.  By the time dinner was served, Lacy was screaming at Kenny, and could not be reasoned with.  We had to eat in separate rooms.  We are so thankful for our family.  They stepped up to help us with Lacy, sitting with him in the dining room while we ate in the living room.

As long as Lacy could not see his dad, everything was calm.  We got great pictures with the cousins, and one with Lacy, Kenny, and I - Kenny was behind our boy, out of Lacy's line of sight.

The accusations continued as we drove Lacy back to Shiloh, and we left quickly after we got him settled.  We were emotionally drained, and our family was a bit shell-shocked.  They'd never seen the devastating effects of HD on a person's behavior.

This is what HD …

Settling In

Lacy has moved to Shiloh nursing home.  The transition has been uneventful and this in itself is a miracle. While Lacy was a little out of sorts on the day we moved him in (only a week ago), he has since settled into a routine and seems very happy.  The nursing home is on my way to work, so I have stopped by every morning before work to say hello, and most afternoons.  Kenny has been able to visit this week as well.

I find it very comforting to know I can see my boy daily, hug his neck, and tell him I love him.  What a blessing God has given us in this difficult time.  It is easy for us to get to Lacy's new home, and we can come and go as we please.   We can sit and visit, or just hug him and leave, whatever suits his mood.

It has become obvious that we made the right decision.  Lacy just fits at Shiloh.  He's not able to walk, but almost everyone is in a wheelchair there.  The staff is attentive.  Shiloh is extremely bright and clean.  It is a happy place.

For now, we are …

Hearing God's Voice

How does God speak?  Not with an audible voice, at least not for Kenny and I.  When we know God has spoken, it's like hearing the cadence of a familiar and much loved voice - someone you have known your whole life.  We recognize His voice when we are listening for His guidance.

When we first began the process of finding a nursing home for Lacy, we had many concerns.  We wanted Lacy to have what he needed not just physically, but socially and spiritually.  We wanted our son to feel loved and protected.  Kenny and I explored the possibility of caring for Lacy at home, but realized the cost would be prohibitive.  A nursing home was our best option.  We put Lacy on a waiting list, and prayed.  Many of our fears were addressed as we walked through this process.  Within a couple of weeks, a place opened up for Lacy at the nursing home.

I panicked.  What would we do?  Two weeks to prepare Lacy for a big move.   We had prayed, the door had opened, and we needed to walk through.

The two w…