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Three Months

Tomorrow will be three months since we lost our sweet boy.  Time has seemed suspended in some ways.  The days since Lacy's death have been quiet.  I turned 60 last week.  Kenny will celebrate a birthday next month.

Two weeks ago, I returned to work.  I have good days and hard days, but I don't have terrible days.  I feel like an observer to my own life at times.  I spend time every week thinking about Lacy, thanking God for the gift of our son, and remembering our journey together.  There are of course joyful and sobering memories.  Happy and difficult times come to mind.  Kenny and I share these memories with each other and with friends and colleagues.  We laugh and cry together.  We miss our son in a way that is deep and painful.  There is still an emptiness in our family, one that will never completely be filled, but a wound that will heal with a scar.

When Lacy died, Kenny and I both felt the same way.  This was not what we dreaded the most.  We had prayed for mercy for ou…