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"I am tough and very tough."

There is a heaviness around my heart this Friday morning.  It has been building and growing since a week ago Wednesday when Lacy and I went to LifeStyles celebration luncheon and he fell on the sidewalk.

These falls always seem to happen in slow motion.  Even while I was reaching to catch him, he was careening away from me, stumbling until his hands reached out and slammed against the glass doors of the convention center and his knees slammed into the concrete.

He sat dazed for a few seconds.  He did not cry out.  I would have dropped to the concrete beside him and held him, but he doesn't like to be touched.  So I stood there, encouraging him to stay where he was for just a few minutes, and waiting while caregivers hurried to our aid.

I asked him over and over where he was hurting.  "I'm all right," he kept saying.  "I am tough and very tough, Mom. And that's all there is to it."

I don't know how to explain the reaction I have when Lacy has a fal…