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It's pretty good

I watched the movie Temple Grandin again with the staff from my school. I've spent a few days in our self-contained SPED classroom in the last couple of weeks. I've been thinking that as inspiring as Temple's story is, there are so many autistic children who will never achieve what she has accomplished.

Although I think most autistic children have unique and marvelous gifts, many times behavior and lack of social skills keep them from the kind of independent life we envision for them. Alan has a wonderful memory, the ability to "see" the US interstate system, and he can plan a trip in his mind. However, he needs 24 hour a day support to live independently. His behavior is the issue. Try as we might, we can't get enough of a grip on it to help him go any farther.

I think the lesson to take away from Temple Grandin's life is that it is so important that we treat our children as equals. "Different but not less." That means that, as far as the…