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Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day we visited Lacy as usual.  Kenny and I often talk about how thankful we are that we can see Lacy every day.  Even if he is angry or upset, we visit for a few minutes.  He sees our faces every day, and knows that we love him.  Today he wasn't at all talkative, but was agitated.  I was a little worried that he'd had some kind of neurological event, but he didn't display any signs of a stroke or injury.   We didn't stay very long since he was upset

Later we got a call that he had an episode of being unable to speak.  When he finally did start to talk, the words were unintelligible.  This has happened several times over the past couple of years.  It's like he has some sort of storm in his brain.  I sometimes think that his agitation is a sign that he is experiencing a brain storm of some kind, especially when this kind of episode follows the agitation.  The nurse let us know that his speech is gradually returning to normal.

I'll go by to se…

Blessed in Suffering

Huntington's Disease - "the cruelest genetic disease known to man."

What can we do?  I feel so helpless as I watch Lacy's deterioration.  Sometimes it hits me in such a way that I can't catch my breath.  He must have help to shower, shave, change his clothes.   He must be supervised in the bathroom and at mealtimes.  He is often unaware of what is going on - he lies on soiled bedclothes and waits until someone comes to check before he asks "Can you change my bedding?"

This week I walked into his room to find him covered in vomit.  He was oblivious.  Still watching television, still sitting quietly.  Retching and then taking a breath before he continued singing his worship songs.  I pressed the call light and waited for someone to come.  There are many others in this place, and it sometimes takes a while for a call to be answered.  I know in my heart he would have sat there quietly until someone came.  He does not understand the call light.   He did no…