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An Object Lesson

Kenny and I are in Florida for the Christmas holiday.  We decided last month that we could not endure a long and sad Christmas at home thinking about the way things used to be.  We miss Lacy so much.

We booked a trip to St. George Island, Florida and flew here on Thursday.  The weather is sunny and mild - not warm or cold - and the island is quiet since it's the off season.

This morning, Kenny and I took a long walk down the beach.  The wind and waves soothed and refreshed us.  No need to hurry, no place to go.  We walked, sometimes holding hands, sometimes stopping to watch a pelican dive into the water.

As it turns out, our walk lasted over two hours.  We came back to our room at the inn, ate lunch, and took a nap.

For the first time since Lacy's death, I had a dream about him that was not disturbing.  It was as though I was seeing pieces of our life together, but the overall feeling was one of peace.

Awake, I was thinking about our walk on the beach, and I realized that…