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Birthday Celebration

It has been exactly a month since I posted.  I've been sidelined by a broken toe and now an injured knee.  Lacy's been doing pretty well, though.

Today is our boy's birthday.  He is 37 today, and for 34 of those years, we have been privileged to be his parents.  We will take hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and a cake to him today.  His favorite foods will be shared with care workers and staff.

I remember past birthdays today - the outer space themed party on his 6th birthday, the Star Wars themed party on his 7th, the impromptu birthday celebration after a family wedding with all his aunts, uncles, and cousins on his 22nd birthday.    Life held a lot of possibilities for Lacy.  He was getting more independent and ready to tackle the world.

It goes without saying that HD changed the trajectory of Lacy's life.  I realized with a bit of dread that Lacy is nearing 40 now.  He's been battling HD for nearly 10 years.  I don't know why this birthday leaves me a little…