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Who is your mentor?

Today during a meeting at school, we had a short discussion:  Who was/is your mentor?

As academic coaches in the various elementary buildings in our school district, we frequently meet to plan curriculum and to study how to be better a what we do.  This question was one that we all mulled over before we began to speak in our small table groups.

I thought this through.  Who has been my mentor?  My parents certainly taught me the most, gave me the strong foundation for life that has kept me on the right track.  I have had teachers who inspired me, of course, but no one really stood out.  My husband has encouraged me to reach for those "impossible" dreams.  But who has done the most to temper me into the person I am?

I finally was able to put it into words.  Lacy has mentored me in so many ways in his short life.

He taught me patience.  Lacy has shown me the power of observation.  What is happening and why?  How did we get here and where do we go?

Parenting Lacy has instilled …

Welcome to My Office...

I went skydiving on Saturday.  My first tandem dive.  Very exciting, a little scary, but overall fun.

Kenny wanted to do this for his 60th birthday, so I agreed to go along for the ride, so to speak.  The day was beautiful so it was perfect weather to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

I thought of all the times I'd "jumped" in my life, not knowing for sure where I would land, or how painful the landing would be.  Trusting God with my future, and stepping out in faith:

Losing those I love.

When my tandem parachute operator, Ty, and I jumped out of the plane, and the chute had finally opened, Ty said "Welcome to my office!"  I looked around at the world below, the green of the grass, the distant purple of the hills.  It was beautiful.

Everyday God says to us "Welcome to My office."  This is His territory, the place where He works best.  He is able and willing to walk - "jump"- with us into the …