Who is your mentor?

Today during a meeting at school, we had a short discussion:  Who was/is your mentor?

As academic coaches in the various elementary buildings in our school district, we frequently meet to plan curriculum and to study how to be better a what we do.  This question was one that we all mulled over before we began to speak in our small table groups.

I thought this through.  Who has been my mentor?  My parents certainly taught me the most, gave me the strong foundation for life that has kept me on the right track.  I have had teachers who inspired me, of course, but no one really stood out.  My husband has encouraged me to reach for those "impossible" dreams.  But who has done the most to temper me into the person I am?

I finally was able to put it into words.  Lacy has mentored me in so many ways in his short life.

He taught me patience.  Lacy has shown me the power of observation.  What is happening and why?  How did we get here and where do we go?

Parenting Lacy has instilled in me the understanding of how important it is to really listen.  How many times have I listened to the weather forecast, or the dates, names, and publishers of worship music?  I could interrupt, but I'd be wasting the chance to hear something profound or wonderful.    The question "Did you know..." meant we'd hear a nugget of wisdom.

Lacy taught me how to experience wonder.  "Mom, I wonder about something..." he would begin, and then ask a question about how politics works in our country, or why the mountains looked purple in the distance.

Lacy taught me joy in the little things.  "Neato, neato, neato!!" he crowed when we drove through a cloverleaf as we entered St. Louis.

Our son showed me the importance of seizing the moment and holding it.  So few were the moments that Lacy would allow a hug, a kiss, or a caress.

Lacy's heart is always open and vulnerable.  We attended an Easter play once at a local church.  One of the scenes that played out on stage was that of Jesus healing a blind man.  The actor playing the blind man ran down the aisle announcing "I can see!  I can see!"  Tears ran down Lacy's cheeks.

Thanks to my mentor, I have been blessed beyond anything I can ask or think.

God knows what He is doing when He sets us on our paths.  What joy and wisdom He has taught us on the way.  Thanks be to God for our son, Lacy.

I love you, Lacy Goff, my son and mentor.


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