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Praying for Comfort and Peace

I've not been writing much lately.  Since Lacy passed away on May 28, I've just not had the energy.  I pray for everyone everyday who has to fight this disease.  HD Robbed our son of his independence and finally robbed us all of time together.  The finality is so hard to bear.
We adopted Lacy Alan when he was 3 years old.  We knew that he was at risk, since his maternal grandmother had died from complications of HD.  He was developmentally delayed and had other difficulties, be he overcame so many challenges to be the very best he could be.  He was an avid reader, curious about the world, and loved to travel with us all over the United States.  He enjoyed video games and watching Matlock with me on TV during school breaks.

When he was 28, we began to see significant changes in his mood and personality. He had a grand mal seizure out of the blue. within 5 years he was refusing to bathe and was delusional. He was tested for HD, and it was positive. By the time this monster of a d…