Hearing God's Voice

How does God speak?  Not with an audible voice, at least not for Kenny and I.  When we know God has spoken, it's like hearing the cadence of a familiar and much loved voice - someone you have known your whole life.  We recognize His voice when we are listening for His guidance.

When we first began the process of finding a nursing home for Lacy, we had many concerns.  We wanted Lacy to have what he needed not just physically, but socially and spiritually.  We wanted our son to feel loved and protected.  Kenny and I explored the possibility of caring for Lacy at home, but realized the cost would be prohibitive.  A nursing home was our best option.  We put Lacy on a waiting list, and prayed.  Many of our fears were addressed as we walked through this process.  Within a couple of weeks, a place opened up for Lacy at the nursing home.

I panicked.  What would we do?  Two weeks to prepare Lacy for a big move.   We had prayed, the door had opened, and we needed to walk through.

The two weeks have almost ended.  Lacy is enjoying visiting at the nursing home.  The approvals and paperwork have gone without a hitch.  We have been able to complete all the requirements for Lacy's admission with no difficulties.

This is how God speaks; not with an audible voice, but with a clear path and obvious landmarks.  We still don't know what is ahead.  Most certainly we will have difficulties and heartaches.  Knowing you are in God's will, that you are where he wants you to be, does not mean that life will be easy or that there will be no pain.  We can have the assurance that we are walking the path that God has illuminated for us through these open doors and smooth transitions.   Assurance of God's guidance is the firm foundation that sees us through the storms.

"The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on rock."  Matthew 7:25


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