Grateful for a Safe Haven

Our son lives in a wonderful safe haven made possible through LifeStyles in Fayetteville.  Their dedication to our son - and to the many other adults who have supportive living services through this organization - is appreciated beyond our ability to express.  I have added the link to LifeStyles to my list to the right on this page.

Madeline, the lady who takes care of Lacy, sent a picture yesterday.  She had just shaved Lacy and cut his hair.  He looks happy and content.  

What a blessing she is to our family!  She is dedicated to our son, loves him, and wants the best for him.  We can talk candidly about how to deal with the day to day ups and downs HD brings to Lacy's physical and mental abilities.  

The weekend staff Lacy has are just as caring.  J is easy going, which gives him an advantage when trying to get our boy to cooperate on one thing or another.  D is loving and perhaps a bit indulgent, but we would rather have that than someone who is always complaining or wanting Lacy to be happier, easier, more compliant.

Whenever we come to visit, Lacy's apartment is always clean and tidy.  

It would be easy to feel guilty and to decide to give up my job, stay home, and take care of my boy.  But that would be selfish - an act designed to assuage MY guilt - and would deprive Lacy of the one thing we have always wanted for him;  an independent life.  

I am thankful for the people who make it possible for Lacy to live his life independently.  He is a man, not a boy, and he gets to feel like a man because of these wonderful people who give up days and weekends to make that a reality.


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