Teach us to number our days.

I am thankful today that God knew Kenny, Lacy, and I before we were even born.

I am thankful that He knows all of the days that we will live.  None of the events that occur around us, none of the experiences we will have are a surprise to Him.

Infirmities and diseases:  we must endure and live with them.  There is no "reason" (i.e. God gave Lacy Huntington's because He knew Lacy could handle it.)   I do know that God gives us grace to live above the challenges we face.

"Teach us to number our days." Psalms 90:12.  God is teaching me to cherish each moment I have with those I love.  I take every opportunity to spend time with those close to me.

Numbering my days....not taking one day for granted.  I am thankful for that today.


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