Thanksgiving 2012

My side of the family got together yesterday.  My brother and sister and their families, Mom, and Kenny and I.  Lacy was not with us.  For the first time in 31 years, he was absent.  When Kenny went to get him, he was simply too tired to come home.

Our meal together was a welcome blessing.  Great food, great times together.

Kenny and I visited Lacy yesterday afternoon.  He lay in bed, resting, as we sat next to him and talked with him.  I think he wants to see his family, but he's just not able to make it to our celebration.  We'll try to get everyone over to see him this weekend.

Today I feel strangely lost.  I am looking forward to seeing my family the rest of the weekend, and know we will have a great time together but a puzzle piece is missing, the picture incomplete.

While we celebrated our time with those we love, our hearts were divided, thinking of Lacy in another place.  Time will tell if this is the way future celebrations will go.   We have to adjust our expectations and be willing to change the way we do things.  It's another way that HD has affected our family.

I'm thankful today that we have a family who cherishes Lacy as much as Kenny and I do, and who are willing to go to see him when he can't come to them.  What a great gift!


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