I finished the Hunger Games Trilogy today. The story did not end with a tidy bow wrapped around it. At the beginning of the books, the reader hopes for a triumphant ending, that evil is destroyed and goodness prevails. The ending was appropriate. Much was lost - many friends, family, security - some things and people endured, but not without scars. The measured happiness that marks the end of the books is tempered by sorrow and loss.

As I read these books, I could see some parallels to my life and the struggles my family is enduring right now. Seeing Alan being ravaged by Huntington's Disease is brutal. We would gladly sacrifice ourselves for his survival, but we haven't been given that choice. Instead, we are forced into battle with an enemy we cannot overcome. We can't look away - that would be even worse. We must find a way to walk through this and endure. I don't know how we'll do it, but I know the strength we need will be there as we struggle.

In church this morning, I was reminded that we have a hope for eternity that overshadows what we suffer today. I believe that with all my heart, and trust that what we need will be given to us as we need it.


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