Developmental Delay, Autism, and Huntington's

Developmental delay and autism both present a major set of obstacles to overcome. A person is not as able to process information as quickly as someone else. The world is difficult to navigate for an autistic child. There are so many challenges to overcome.

In addition to these two challenges, we are now dealing with Huntington's Disease, and Alan, who is 33 is deteriorating at an alarming rate. He doesn't eat unless someone sits with him to encourage eating, can't follow many commands, cannot shower or shave without help, and can't understand why. He sits and cries because he is weak and feels that the people who care for him are somehow causing the weakness. We explain, but he looks at us blankly.

I am sure there are other families walking this road, and I hope we can find them at some point. No, it won't make the journey any less painful, but sharing the struggles will be helpful.


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