More life lessons

As Kenny and I talked yesterday, more life lessons emerged in our conversation.  Here are a few:

Lesson 5:  Seek God and expect to hear His voice.  Each advent season Kenny, Alan, and I shared special devotional times around the table, celebrating the Christmas season.  One particular year, the book we were using suggested that everyone ask God to give us a special scripture or thought concerning His power in our lives.  We all bowed our heads and were silent for a few minutes.  I honestly can't remember what Kenny and I shared, since it paled in comparison to what Alan spoke.  Looking up with a big smile he said, "God told me I have a crippled heart.  But He will heal it."  We were humbled, realizing that that was the true meaning behind the Christmas season - God healing a crippled world.

Lesson 6:  When you worship, sing with all your might, and don't worry about your voice or if you can carry a tune.  Alan has memorized hundreds of worship songs, and frequently sings them at the top of his lungs - he really cannot carry a tune - with complete joy.  Unless you knew the song, you'd never be able to pick out the tune or the beat; but listening to Alan sing, you can feel that he is  truly worshipping with every thing he has in him.

Lesson 7:  Recognize death for what it really is - a transition to a new and better life.  Many years ago, a friend of ours was killed tragically in an automobile accident.  We agonized over how to tell Alan, but we asked him to walk with us down our long driveway to the mailbox and begin to explain.  We told him our friend had been driving to work, and had been killed when his car left the road.  Alan stopped and simply said, "Oh, you mean God changed his address?"


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