Sorta Normal

Occasionally, our son would say something, or do something that was so 'normal', we were delighted. These are stories we tell over and over, because they are so typical of any child, and because, coming from Alan, pretty extraordinary.

Alan was in 4th grade when his self-contained class at school was having a ice cream sundae party. Alan was supposed to bring two cans of whipped cream to school that day. I bought those two cans, and on the day in question, put them in his backpack. He boarded the bus, and I waved to him as I always did. The bus traveled down the road, then abruptly stopped. And didn't go on for a while.

Somehow I knew that those cans hadn't stayed in Alan's backpack....

Yes, whipped cream had decorated more than one student on the bus that morning. I was serious when the school called and told me of the incident. Of course, we would talk to Alan, I promised. Of course, we did not condone such behavior. In my heart, I was laughing. It was something 'normal'.

One year, at our annual family reunion, we had another normal incident. Alan was always fascinated with soft drinks, so he usually wanted to check out the 2 liter bottles at the reunion. On this particular occasion, he shook each one, then ever so slightly loosened the caps. A surprising spray of soda drenched a few of us as we tried to tighten the caps. My elderly aunt was furious, but I could hardly hold back the laughter. Normal.


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