Adventures in Autism

Autism is a disorder with many facets. For Alan, it is a fascination with time.

This morning at exactly 6:16am, the phone rang.

"Hello, Mom? I got my shower at 5:09am. I am ready to come home for the day. When are you coming to get me?"

Honestly, I was still in bed, but awake. I told Alan that we would be at his apartment to pick him up at 11:30am. This would give us plenty of time to get there and not be late. It is very stressful for Alan if we are late.

"Ok, Mom, 11:30am. You will be here to get me...Alan...that 11:30am. I will be shaved and dressed." Alan often refers to himself in the third person.

Alan also has some quirky sayings that we have actually picked up and use pretty often. An example: he likes to say "and be doing that" to mean a continuous action. Pretty good use of the phrase if you ask me.

He ended our conversation with this: "I will be here, and ready, so we can go home, and get my soft drinks, and pace and watch T.V. and be doing that."

We are off to church, and then to pick up Alan. We will have lots of fun today.

And be doing that.


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