Like Lacy

I have been thinking this week about the struggle that Kenny, Lacy, and I are working through.  Lacy is struggling with loss of function, but he rises above it every day with his focus on "right now" and not on "tomorrow."   I want to be like Lacy.

I need to see "right now" as the gift I have.  Not tomorrow, which will come with its own troubles; not yesterday, which can be at once comforting and torturous to recall.  "Right now" is where I want to live.

I hear this admonition every day and see it worked out in simple ways all around me.  Our dog Violet lives in "right now."  Right now, she is sleeping at my feet.  She's content and fulfilled.  She had been fed, hugged, and petted.

At school, we must live in the "right now" with our students.  Right now, children must be encouraged and supported.  Right now, they need to know that we care.

The scripture is full of "right now," but we are also encouraged to look to tomorrow - not the tomorrow when HD will wage its final battle, but tomorrow when there is no more sadness or grief, no more pain or suffering.  Lacy often sings about that tomorrow, and he is sure of the final victory over HD, autism, and developmental delay.  I want to be like Lacy.


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