God's Best Part 2

This week has been difficult.  There was a transition for Lacy that had torn my heart, and I felt so sad.  Kenny reminded me, gently, that this was not a major transition, but just a minor one.  Still I felt the weight of his continued decline, and my sadness overwhelmed me.

Like Peter, I was doing fairly well until the roar of the wind and the waves took my attention away from Jesus.

The Lord pulled me into the boat, and I spent some time just praising Him, refocusing my heart and mind on the One who has the map through this valley.  Plus, a good night's sleep didn't hurt - Mom was right!

Yesterday, when I visited Lacy, he was more animated than I had seen him in a while.  He was rejoicing over the changes that had been made for him, and these changes made him happy!!

God's best.  It is sometimes painful, but it will show itself as His best.


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