It's Saturday...again

The last several days have been a blessing for us and for Lacy.  Every visit has been pleasant.  We've been able to stay for nearly an hour at a time.  Lacy has been so happy, and we've heard from staff at the nursing home that he has been in great spirits overall.

When the nurse aides gave him a shower on Wednesday, he told them he could only shower if they sang a Willie Nelson song with him.  So it was soap suds and "On the Road Again."  Everyone sang along.

Today when I came by after school, Lacy told me right away it was Saturday.  I kidded with him saying "Well, if today is Saturday, then tomorrow must be....Wednesday!"  He giggled and rubbed his hands together (Lacy's reaction to extreme happiness) then said to me "I'm gonna get you for that!" and then more giggles and hand rubbing.

I'm so thankful for Saturday.  Best day of the week.


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