Dog Heaven

On Thursday, we said goodbye to our 12 year old Boston Terrier.  Lucky was a great dog, and a loyal companion.

Lucky came to us after my sister and her family were unable to keep him when they had to relocate.  I couldn't stand the thought of him being sent to a shelter, so Kenny and I volunteered to take him.

Over the last 7 years, Lucky has been my little shadow, following me everywhere.  He was never happier than when he was cuddled up to either Kenny or I and snoring away.  In fact, Lucky was famous for his snoring.  We had to put him in a room across the house from us in order to get some sleep.

Lucky loved his girlfriend, Violet, and was a great buddy for our little rescued Frenchie.  Violet is quiet and sad now as she searches for her buddy and looks at us in confusion when it's time to go to bed.  Where's Lucky? she seems to ask.

In the 36 hours before we said goodbye, Lucky struggled to take a breath.  Some sort of allergic reaction morphed into a deadly spiral and we realized we had to let him go.  We met at the vet office, and told him we loved him and that he was a good dog.  We petting him and spoke softly as he took his last breath.

Jesus said that even the sparrows do not die without God taking note. (Matthew 10:29)  As much joy and love as Lucky gave us, I am sure that the Lord took note, and wept with us.  I am sure he welcomed Lucky into whatever heaven is reserved for the animals we love and call family.

Lucky and Violet


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