Warrior Women

I need to be working right now, but tears in my eyes keep me from concentrating.  What a season of life this is when so much is lost in such a short amount of time.

I have lost three people so precious to me in the last nine months, three "warrior women." My sweet mother, and two of my aunts.  Mom died from lung cancer in August.   She had never smoked.  My two aunts were suffering from neurological diseases - Parkinson's Disease and dementia - and they were both ready to go.  But I was not ready to live in a world without them.  They had great faith, great capacity for love, and they were survivors.  

My husband, who works in a Hospice home, says that we have just enough time with people.  Just enough time to say what we want to say, time to love and be loved.  I don't think it is possible for a child to have had just enough love from a mother.  Even though I am in my 50s, I still want my mom, want to feel her hand in mine, and to know that I have her unconditional love.

My mother and two aunts were extraordinary women.  They were the kind of persevering people that inspirational stories and poems are written about.  No one will write a book about them, but they supported and loved their children, grandchildren, their siblings,  and their nieces and nephews all their lives.  They were stubborn and independent.  My sister and I have inherited that tenacity.   We Yocum women don't give up.  We are warrior women.

Thank goodness I am strong and tenacious, because I'll need all the strength and grit I can muster to be the strong mother for my son that my mother was for me.    I'm so thankful for this cadre of warrior women, and for their legacy of faith and courage.


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