HDSA Convention

A group of 900 people touched in some way by Huntington's Disease met in Louisville, KY for the 29th Annual HDSA convention.

Kenny and I received a scholarship to go this year.  We are hooked.  I can't imagine missing another year!

What encouraging information about new research and possible treatments that will soon begin human trials!  Most encouraging were the people we met along the way. Smiling faces in wheelchairs. Exchanging jokes and stories with folks whose bodies writhed and jerked, but whose wit and love of life were not dampened.  Kenny and I were both able to participate in HDSA's video campaign for next year "Family is Everything."  We posed for pictures - which we hope will be on HDSA's website soon.
What a coincidence(?) when we sat at the lunch table with a couple and their daughter.  They, too, had adopted their child knowing that HD was possible down the road.  Like us, they put the idea out of their minds until they noticed unmistakable symptoms.  Like us, they are so happy they didn't let the specter of HD influence how they raised their child.

Such beautiful stories, informative sessions, and lots of fun!  The Talent Show was a hoot!!

So many of the sessions will be available for live streaming on the HDSA website.  Check out some of those sessions.  We learned so much.  We'll be back!


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