Father's Day and a Recliner

We bought a recliner for Lacy this last week.  He is loving it, sitting and reclining, sleeping in his all-leather-lifetime-warranty-on-everything recliner.

On Sunday we came by on our way home from Wichita, KS - visiting my brother and his family.

Lacy was happy, rubbing his hands together and talking about how his dad was so handsome and smart.  He was happy to see us.

While he's enjoying his recliner, his apartment is being painted. New bed and futon. Carpet will be replaced with tile.   Our plan is to make cleanup easier.  Accidents are happening more frequently now, and we need to be able to mop and clean floors.

This week Kenny and I will be traveling to Louisville, KY for the Huntington's Disease Society of American annual conference.  We are excited and hope to bring back lots of great information and make some connections!


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