Mother's Day

I remember the first year I was able to celebrate Mother's Day.  I was so excited to finally realize the dream of being a mother.  I imagined the years ahead and felt so grateful.

I am grateful today for the past 32 years as I have watched Lacy grow and become a man.  I am grateful for the experience of pushing him to be the best he could be, and seeing him become a wonderful and thoughtful human being.  I feel such pride in him and his accomplishments.  Someone reminds me nearly daily how blessed they are to know Lacy.

Today I am thankful for my mother's constant love and support.  She modeled sacrificial love every day.  She taught me by her life example how to be a mother.   Her absence creates an ache in my heart.

On this day I am also thinking of the mothers I know who have lost children this year.  My dear friend whose daughter lost her battle with cancer and a new Facebook friend whose son is finally free of the ravages of HD.  


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