Awareness Month - Keep on Walking

Our family does not need a month to be aware of HD.  We live it every day.  We don't hover over our son, wring our hands, and cry every day, but he is constantly on our minds and in our hearts.

The last few months have been great with Lacy, but his attitude toward us is changing of late.  He is more angry than not at us, and is more volatile when we are with him.  Sometimes it is because we don't react as we should.  To be honest, we don't see him daily, and he has a routine that a visit from us disrupts.  We keep visiting and enjoy the times together.  We endure rants and tirades directed at us for our crimes.  We are told that we should be locked up and given only a sliver of food every day.  We are bad people.

I think it is easy to sit back and let HD take you down.  It is harder to live life and try to continue to connect with the person you love.  It is easy to say HD is taking everything from you.  It is harder to acknowledge that theft, and still rejoice in the treasures that remain.

The people I know who deal with HD love life and and live it to the fullest.  Yes, they are often discouraged, but not defeated.  They fall down, but they get back up.

Lacy lives his life.  I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished in his life.  He falls, but he gets back up.  "I am tough and very tough," he says.  He gets back up and keeps on walking.

If you fall down, sit a spell and catch your breath.  Then get back up.  Keep on walking.


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