Those Days

We refer to it as "Our Vacation" (in capital letters).  A two week road trip in1992 from St. Louis to California and back.  We'd planned for weeks, looked at maps, and set our route.  Lacy wanted to see where I-70 ended.  We all wanted to see the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

It was a joyous two weeks.  Even now, we talk about those days.  Lacy never stopped smiling the whole time.  In every picture, a look of pure bliss is on his face.

He was able to roam in Arches National Park; he looked down into the Grand Canyon.  Our trip to Disneyland allowed Lacy to see his beloved cartoon characters, and to hug Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.  At Universal Studios, Lacy met "Doc Brown" from the movie Back to the Future and had a discussion with him about the "flux capacitor."

We held starfish in our hands at Sea World, and petted the slick skin of dolphins as they swam by.  Lacy crowed with delight when Shamu splashed water on us with his huge tail.

I can still see our boy, in the back seat, his arms around his stuffed friend, Scrooge McDuck, sleeping peacefully.

Those days.  Memories that will last our lifetime.

HD made travel impossible because of Lacy's behavior.  One morning about three years ago, I received a call from LifeStyles.

"Lacy is sobbing. He wants to talk to his mom."

To see Lacy cry was heartbreaking.  As his brain began to betray him, he would often sob in despair.

"Mom,"  Lacy's voice broke.  "I'm remembering those days....when we went to Disneyland.  I'm remembering those days.  Why don't we have those days anymore?"

I can't remember what I said, but I tried to soothe him.  It was the fault of HD, not of Lacy.  We had to enjoy trips home rather than trips away for now.  We talked about the trip to Disneyland and his meeting all his cartoon character friends.  HD took away the possibilities for more travel, but it couldn't take away the joy of "those days."  Lacy lost so much, but the memories comforted him in his anxiety.  In a few minutes, he stopped crying.

"I think I feel better now, Mom.  I think I feel better talking to you."

Those days comfort us now when our hearts are heavy and tears sting our eyes.  We miss you sweet boy, but we have the memories of "those days" and the happy times with you.


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