New Life; New Book

Today, we sold the handicap-accessible van we had bought a couple of years ago.  Kenny and I cleaned it yesterday, removing all the things we'd put in the glove box.  We had two Sharpie pens that we used to mark Lacy's clothing and belongings.  As we cleared the van out, washed out the interior, and folded the extra seat-belt restraints, we were remembering the times we'd used the van, and the mobility it gave us as a family.

We sold our van back to the company that we originally bought it from.  It was an easy transaction, and we were soon headed back home.  The owner of the dealership drove us home in the van, and we talked on the way.

We explained Huntington's Disease to Jack, and that Lacy had been 37 when he died.  He asked if Lacy was our only child.  

"Wow," Jack reacted when we told him yes.  "So this isn't just a change for you guys, it's a whole new life."

We've been thinking about how to characterize the difference for ourselves.  "A new chapter," seemed not to encompass the seismic shift in our lives.  "A whole new life" says it all.

So we are beginning a new life, and with it a new book.  I'll be writing as we walk.  
Hiking near the Buffalo River in June


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