Our Ten Talents

My Dear Sweet Beloved Son,

It’s been nearly two weeks since we lost you.  Time crawls.  It seems like a lifetime.  I don’t know where to put my feet, or how to walk in this world without you.

I love you.  I miss you. 

I miss your deep voice “It’s my sweet beloved mom!”  Bless you for that wave you always gave me as I came into the dining room to see you each day.  I miss just sitting with you, even if you were talking to other people (always behind me…just out of eyesight…).  I loved being able to talk to you about Friday.  Every day was Friday.  It has always been my favorite day of the week, and yours as well. 

I’d love to be able to feel your arms squeezing me in that “crusher” hug.  I wish I could give you another high five.  I would have kissed you every day, but you told me that “kisses are for childish people and I am not a childish person.”   Our high fives were the kisses I had for you. 

As I was walking this morning, I had a realization.  You were our “ten talents.”  God gave you to Dad and I, and we invested everything we had in you.   In turn, you invested in us and in everyone you encountered.   What a wonderful man you became!  You were our pride and joy, and our challenge and puzzle.   It seems God was ready to reclaim His “talent.”

I know that now you are rejoicing in heaven, and that all the burdens you carried here have been lifted.  I don’t wish you to be back. I know you are where you are supposed to be. 

As a mom I made mistakes.  I wasn’t perfect, but I loved you with a fierceness that sometimes surprised me.  You were the best gift God has ever given Dad and I.  We are so grateful.

Someday – in the blink of an eye for you, but probably many years for us – we will see each other again.   We will hug and kiss and you’ll tell us all your adventures since we last saw one another.   I can’t imagine what you are seeing now, but I know it is spectacular.  I know that Jesus is so happy to have you home.

Until then, sweet boy, know that Dad and I will hold you in our hearts and treasure the gift that was given to us for a short time.  

Love, Your Sweet Beloved Mom


  1. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. May our Lord give you comfort and peace in these hard times.


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