How I Saw Him

I think that parents always see their children as little ones, their unique expressions, their joy in life.  I always saw Lacy that way.

I saw him as a beautiful and determined little boy.  I saw him as perfect, accomplished, and brilliant.

Even as he grew into an adult, there were times when I caught a glimpse of that long ago little boy and my heart melted.  He was my sweet child, and he will be my child forever.

A few months before he passed away, Lacy started saying this:

"You are my sweet beloved Mom and sweet beloved Dad.  You are my beloved son (meaning that he was our beloved son).  You will always be that."

You are my sweet beloved son.  You will always be that.

My sweet little one

A boy and his dog

Crazy Sock Ears


  1. So very sweet! Yes, he will always be that!

  2. I was fortunate to work a few times with Lacy, and he was such a gentle person! Thank you for sharing part of your life!


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