Another Goodbye

A dear friend whom I met in college lost her battle with leukemia last week.  D was a joyful, upbeat lady.  She loved Jesus, her husband, nieces and nephews, and animals.  D was young and had that positive attitude that gave her the ability to undergo a bone marrow transplant and find blessings along the way.

I have realized that we are at "that age" - the time in our lives when we begin to lose friends and colleagues and parents.  This is a time when at every turn we are reminded of our mortality.

D's death is another goodbye in a long line of goodbyes that will continue until we say our own farewell to this life.  Each goodbye is painful, every death tears at us.

D was a great friend.  She was funny and droll.  She adored her husband, and felt so blessed to have him by her side.  Her last email in October was positive as usual.  She hoped to come home soon, but was still weak and needed to be closely monitored.  Throughout her struggle, she felt blessed that she had the Lord to sustain her.  Her final thought in the email was of the Lord and her husband:

"The path continues with the Lord as my strength. And W as my caregiver and helpmate...he has been wonderful!"

I didn't hear from D again.  Today another friend let me know of her passing.  I am so sad, but feel so blessed to have known her.  Goodbye dear friend.  I will see you again.


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