Eternity in Our Hearts

"There is an appointed time for everything..."  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tonight I am spending the night with my sweet mother in the Hospice Home where Kenny works.   Mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and is now bedridden and in hospice care.

Only two weeks ago, Mom went out to eat with us.  We laughed and talked about old times.  On Thursday of last week we found out about the cancer, Friday we had to move her to a nursing home, and Sunday her condition deteriorated so much she had to go into inpatient hospice.

My heart is heavy.  Yes, there is an appointed time, and yes, God was not surprised at this turn of events, but the pain is still intense.  And the peace passes all understanding.

So many wonderful memories flood my mind, and my heart swells until it feels it will burst.  Memories of how just the touch of my mother's hand could ease my fears, calm my emotions, and comfort me in my distress.  And now I have the chance to give back to her - easing, calming, comforting.

My brother and sister have also had time with Mom, and I know they are feeling the same mix of emotions.  We are all we have left of our nuclear family, and we realize how precious we are to each other.  We all appreciate our mom and the sacrifices she made to give us everything.

"He has made everything appropriate in its time.  He has also set eternity in their hearts..." Ecclesiastes 3: 11

Eternity is in our hearts.  We are confident of our mother's destination, and we are comforted in the promise that when the time comes, she will be met with joyous shouting and celebration.

For now, every moment is precious, and every word is important.  Just a smile or a touch is enough.  We will make sacrifices so that we can give her everything.


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