Use It or Lose It?

Lacy's knees are now black and blue from so many falls.  The skin is scraped off in places.  For most of the day, our boy sits because he cannot stand for long.

When we last visited Lacy's primary care physician to obtain the application for a handicap placard, I mentioned the falls, and asked if we could get a prescription for a walker and wheelchair.  He was taken aback, and said he'd rather wait to talk to the neurologist to find out what he wanted to do (this appointment is not until July).  I let him know how long it would be before this appointment and he said, "Well, the neurologist might suggest that he do without it for a while.  You know, use it or lose it."

I repeated what he had just said, "Use it or lose it?"   I wanted to yell at him...and say Of course he's going to lose it! but I didn't.  Lacy was with me.  I knew that Kenny would call later to discuss the falls and the need for the equipment.

It takes some patience and a willingness to explain, even to physicians, that Huntington's Disease will not get better with exercise or physical therapy.  There are benefits to both of course, but the disease continues  its relentless course.  When a person with Huntington's starts to fall, as Lacy is doing now, having access to a walker and wheelchair means more freedom, not less.

Use it or lose it...Lacy will need to use a walker and a wheelchair or he will lose his independence.


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