Changes and Chances

This week, I made the trip to the revenue office to get a handicap placard for our car.  Lacy Alan is having trouble walking;  when we take him places, we need to be able to park close to the door.
Our son is falling now, too.  His knees are scraped and red.  He insists he is ok, and he probably is, but... he is falling.  It won't get better.

For a little while, we coast along, and everything is status quo, but the constant worry is there.  Someone asked us how Lacy was doing and Kenny fired back "Compared to what?"  I think he regretted the outburst immediately.  I've had the unfortunate reaction of bursting into tears when someone asked me the same question.  Folks are trying to let us know we are on their minds, and I hope that they will forgive the occasional curt response or flood of tears.

Although we are dealing with unwelcome changes, we try to take advantage of the chances we are given to make every day count.  This first week off from school has been a good one for me.  I realize I need to relax and not have to think about anything but my family.  The majority of the summer I'll be free to make my own schedule.  I have been able to visit Lacy a couple of times already.  Short visits are really the best, since he is rarely angry at the beginning of our visits.  I can tell when he is getting upset and make a hasty exit.

We're planning a big birthday party for Lacy this year.  His care workers are excited about the celebration.  What we don't say to each other is the reason for the big to-do:  we don't know what next year will hold, so we need to make the most of what we have now.

I can just see our son rubbing his hands together, grinning, as we sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  He'll have a big cake, and his family and friends will all be there.  It will be a great time, a chance to let him know how much he is loved.


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