Live in the Moment

High school class reunions are great places to get some perspective.  We attended Kenny's 40th reunion this weekend.  I have gotten to know and become friends with many of his high school classmates over the 35 years we have been married.

We are all getting older.  There were grayer heads.  Some folks had canes.  Some had battled chronic illness in the last few years.  Most were trying to live in the moment, and the losses they had suffered were the catalyst for their renewed determination to make the most of the time they had.  Some had lost spouses, and one of Kenny's classmates talked about how the loss of her spouse had given her the courage to take every opportunity to live her life to the fullest.  Because she knows that we're not guaranteed tomorrow, she is taking the opportunity to live in the moment.

Those friends who had lost the most seemed to be the most determined to seize the day.  It was inspiring and encouraging;  life can be difficult so that's all the more reason to take every time to tell others you care about them.  Get together with that friend, make new friends, celebrate your life.   A well-timed reminder for me to focus on today.


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