If you can laugh at it, you can live with it

Erma Bombeck was someone I admired. Today, on Sunday Morning, there was a retrospective of her career and life.

I think the quote that is the title says it all. I have found that there is something funny in just about everything that happens - if not at the time, then later.

Yes, there are plenty of tragic moments when you have a child with disabilities. But there are also so many moments that make for funny memories, even hilarious ones.

Alan has provided us with so many memories that make us smile. Like the time we were traveling to a different state, and entered a new time zone. Alan was panicked - the time on the clock in our car was not correct. Time is one of the most important things to Alan, and he is quite disturbed if a clock is slow or fast. Alan just sat in the back seat and pointed in horror at the digital clock on the dashboard.

In a real burst of genius, my husband said, "Oh, that's the correct time. But local time is one hour earlier."

Alan relaxed and smiled. "Ok, so the real time is 10:52 but local time is 9:52. Alright. Yes, yes, yes." He amused himself the rest of the trip informing us of real vs. local time.

We tell and retell stories of experiences with Alan, and they become funnier the more we tell them. We don't laugh at our son, but we laugh at the ridiculous situations we encounter. Yep, I think Erma was right. If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.


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