Human Development Centers Part 2

Today I read in our local paper that another of the HDC's in Arkansas at Booneville was under investigation. A resident died over the weekend, and an investigation of the death is ongoing.

Editorials in our paper predict that Arkansas will have to overhaul how they house and support citizens with developmental delays and other handicapping conditions. The waiting lists for these HDC's are very long. People wait years to have a place to go.

These are some of our most vulnerable citizens, and we have very little in the way of community support. Some families make their own way, keeping their children at home, making their child's life their life passion. Although we have chosen to try to place Alan in some kind of community setting, we are still very hands on parents. I wonder what would happen if he was a ward of the state, as so many mentally handicapped adults are in Arkansas.

Who knows what will result from the Justice Department probe of Arkansas' Human Development Centers?


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