Sunday with Lacy and Moses

Today, we visited Lacy.  He was so happy, relaxing in bed, a little sleepy.  We sat next to his bed, or lay down with him to give him a hug.  I asked if he wanted to hear me read to him from his picture Bible.  Lacy gave a small nod.

"What part of the Bible do you want to hear today?"

There was a long pause.  I could tell he wanted to answer.  I waited until, finally, he was able to get it out.


So I read beginning with the burning bush all the way to the parting of the Red Sea.  Lacy looked at the pictures and concentrated on what I said.  I would stop and ask "What happens next?" but he wasn't able to tell me, so I'd answer for him.

We finally left when we noticed a big yawn, and his eyes began to close.  He was ready for a nap.


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