Still Lacy

Last night we watched the movie "Still Alice" based on the book by the same name authored by Lisa Genova.   The main character's struggle with early onset Alzheimer's was heartbreaking and familiar.  Although Lacy does not have Alzheimer's, HD results in dementia symptoms.   The message of the film was that we are still ourselves and we still respond to love even though a neurological disease may rob us of our ability to communicate who we are or what we feel to anyone else.   At the end of the movie, Alice is able to communicate to her family that love is the universal language we can continue to speak even when our voice is silenced.

We went to see Lacy on Sunday with some friends.  The sheer number of people in the room was hard for him to handle.  Our friends have known Lacy all his life.  Lacy remembered them, but was just too overwhelmed to be able to handle that much interaction.   For a few minutes, though, Lacy was his old self, smiling and eagerly shaking hands with our friends.  He responds to love, and we are generous with our expressions of love.  We love him just as much as ever, and we know he loves us.  Even when he is angry or upset, he pauses to hug us and let us kiss him goodbye.  Still Lacy.


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