So far this year, Lacy has had more injuries than in all of his childhood.  Numerous falls with painful scrapes, a bruised shoulder, pulled hamstring, and on Saturday what we thought was a dislocated shoulder.

Five hours in the ER and we were told it was a torn ligament.  It will heal on its own, and the deformity that is so apparent now will resolve itself.  No one seems to know how this happened.  Lacy should have been in a lot of pain, but is not complaining.  He is getting pain relievers around the clock along with an ice pack.

Although the injury is troubling, the hardest part was the ER wait.  I know the folks who man the desk have seen all kinds of crazy,  but it is still hard to sit and wait with someone whose behavior is so bizarre at times.  We cleared out the section of the ER that we were sitting in.  Folks were nervous - maybe scared - and we were stressed.  Lacy was alternately yelling and calm.  He was suspicious of us.

The doctor gave us a sling for Lacy to wear.  No such luck.  Lacy will not wear it.  The bigger problem is that he needs both hands to walk with his walker.  He can no longer safely go without it.    The doctor told us the sling was for comfort anyway, and that the injury would heal with or without it.

It is so difficult to get through this kind of day, knowing that we have many more like it to go.  We do worry about a fall that really does some damage, like a broken leg or arm, but we have been fortunate so far.

Combining HD with developmental delay and intellectual disability and the effects are amplified.   Lacy can't understand his decline and so he blames those around him, or the lack of caffeine, or what he is watching on television.

The words I have said over and over - to myself as well as to others - "It's a marathon, not a sprint." - ran round and round in my head.  We were tired and worn out, but we made it to the finish line on Saturday.  We don't have to take on the future now.  Today has enough worry of its own.

Thank You Jesus, for Your words of comfort:  I have overcome the world.   Don't worry about tomorrow.  Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.  

I am waiting this week for the Lord to renew my strength.  We are on a long and tiring journey in a desert.  God gives us manna and quail before we ask, and we are not even aware of His providence until we come upon a day like Saturday.  Thanks be to God for His provision.


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