Not "Why?" but...

We've been reading through the Bible in 90 days at our church.  Reading from Genesis to Revelation just as though we were reading a novel.  This has been a great exercise for Kenny and I.

Last night, we went to church to meet with our small group for the 90 day challenge.  We talked about the challenges we face in our lives, and the way we walk through those challenges. We talked about terminal illnesses, sudden serious health issues, and the sudden, shocking death of a much beloved friend.

We all agreed on one truth.  We struggle with these issues, but asking "why?" is an empty question.  If God is just, how can He allow such things to happen?  For Kenny and I, Lacy's HD diagnosis was an unthinkable burden for our son, who has already struggled with many burdens over his lifetime.

God is wise.  And this truth means that He is also just.   Horrible things happen to everyone.  How will we proceed when such a horror hits home?

Not with "Why?" but by asking "How will we walk with God during troubled times?"  Even obstacles and terrible events can be folded into God's plan.  He will bring us through it.  He will bless our suffering.


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