A Happy Birthday Letter

Dear Lacy,

Today you are 35 years old!  It seems like yesterday (and it seems like a lifetime) that we saw you for the first time and and fell in love.

How long Dad and I had prayed for a child, and you were the answer to all of our prayers!  From the first day until now you have never failed to make us proud of you.  What a wonderful man you have become.  We are so thankful to be your parents!

Our lives were not always easy.  We worked so hard - you most of all - to help you grow into the best person you could be.  Like all parents, Dad and I had dreams for you.  We thought you'd be great at plumbing;  you loved to look at pipes and enjoyed turning water on and off.  Maybe you would do something with maps; tracing routes in the atlas seemed to give you such joy and satisfaction.  Like all parents, Dad and I had to realize that our dreams for you were not your dreams.  We had to let you become your best self.

Our ever-curious boy!  What you know about highways and coins and clouds could fill book after book.  Those "Did you know..." and "Hey Mom and Dad, I wonder about something..."questions always started interesting conversations.

Our worshipping boy!  To this day you sing your praises to God whenever you feel anxious or worried.  You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you.  We are so proud of the man of God you have become.  I hope to live my life as faithfully as you have lived yours.

You have never complained about all the doctor visits, tests, surgeries, shots.  You always seemed to love going to the doctor, being the center of attention.  Always a good patient.  Always respectful.

Lacy, Dad and I sometimes did not know what to do or how to do it.  Every path we walked together we walked by the grace of God.  Dad and I prayed every day to have wisdom to be your parents.  We wanted you to know you were loved.  We wanted you to have everything we could give you.  Sometimes we failed, and it broke our hearts.  Know that we have always loved you and wanted the best for you.

Letting you leave home to live on your own was a hard decision to make.  Dad and I wanted you with us forever, but we wanted you to have the most independent life you could.  It was a good decision for you and for us.  You have your own routine and an apartment to call your own.   We know you are cared for and that you are safe.

Now something new has come into our lives.  A new challenge.  It does not change our love for you, except to make our love stronger.   As always, we will walk on this new road together.  Dad and I will trust God to give us the strength we need to be there for you.

Today we will celebrate your birthday with a big meal and a really big cake.  So many of the people who care about you will be there.  I know you will love it, and I can't wait to see your big smile and watch as you grin and rub your hands together.

You have been our greatest challenge and our greatest joy.  We love you, Lacy Alan.  Happy Birthday!



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