Spring Saturday

Looking out the front door this morning, I was so happy to see green, green, green - everywhere I looked.  I love the springtime green that seems to suddenly pop up overnight, and the deep, healthy green of the grass and trees in my neighborhood.

For the first time in a while, I woke at 5:30am on a Saturday without an alarm.  Walking every day for a couple of weeks has improved my mood.  I am beginning to feel like myself again,  losing this fog I've been in for a while, and seeing things in a more positive light.

This week, we dealt with a strange symptom of HD - Lacy's speech became unintelligible for most of a day.  We got a call from his care giver on Wednesday evening.  She sounded very worried and wanted us to come an take a look at Lacy.  He'd been coughing all day, and his speech was so garbled she wondered if something terrible had happened in his brain.

As it turned out, the coughing was just a result of Lacy's allergies really kicking in with the increased rain and resultant pollen count.  But his speech was a mess.  We understood a word here and there.  He could say "yes" fairly clearly, but everything else was a string of sounds and grunts that were undecipherable.  It didn't seem to bother Lacy.  He wasn't in distress or upset.  So that was a relief to us.   He was very happy.  Lacy smiled and laughed like his old self.  We spent two hours with him with no outbursts.  A blessing and a puzzle.

As we stayed with him, his speech gradually returned to normal, and within an hour he was fine.  The speech problem seemed like a motor issue - he couldn't move his mouth and tongue to produce the sounds.   We'll document this and see if it reoccurs - when and for how long.

Summer is coming.  School will be out in week.  I'll have the summer free to study and spend time with Kenny and Lacy, eat lunch with Mom, go out with school friends.  Looking forward to the break, and to the precious time with our boy.


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