Good times

This morning was beautiful...sunny and cool.   My dogs and I walked around the park in the middle of our subdivision.  Birds were singing, the grass was like a green carpet all around.

I was thinking today of all the wonderful times the three of us have had over the last 30 years.  Like a movie, images flooded through my mind.  Lacy loved to travel, loved to be in the back of the car singing or looking at the atlas to follow our route.  Our week in California - Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios - was the perfect vacation.  All of our pictures of Lacy have him wearing this huge smile.  Happy, happy, happy.

I remembered, too, how Lacy and I drove for two days from Arkansas to North Carolina.  The image of he and I at a restaurant sitting across from each other talking about where we would go the next day, and his curious questions that always started with "Mom (Dad), I wonder about something..."

Those memories are his, too, and we have been able to talk about those times with him lately.  It seems to give him joy to remember our past exploits.  He laughs at recalling the dogs we've had, the places we've been, and his smile is a delight.

Good times that that have made us the people we are and the family we have become.  I am so thankful this morning that God gave us the opportunity to be a family.


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