...When tomorrow comes....

When tomorrow comes...(A line from Les Miserables).  You can find lots of quotes about tomorrow everywhere you look.  "I'll think about that tomorrow."  "I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away."

It is easy to worry about tomorrow.  No matter what your station in life, worrying about tomorrow robs you of living life today.   I have learned that waiting until tomorrow comes, might not be the best course of action.  Worry robs a person of joy.  Planning, gives a person a sense of peace about tomorrow.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." (Abraham Lincoln)

As caregivers, it's important not to wait until tomorrow to plan for what is sure to happen in the future.  Kenny and I are learning this on the fly, realizing that we need to plan for what will surely come on one of those future tomorrows.

We are lining up resources and materials for Lacy.  Adaptive clothing (zippers and velcro for easy on and off), specialized bedding, wheelchairs and, most importantly, suppliers.  Some of these things we need right now.  We will know where to look for the rest when the time comes.

Planning does not make us more depressed or sad.  We are doing all we can to ease discomfort and pain - both Lacy's and ours.   We have the beginnings a plan for "when tomorrow comes."

Where to look?  If you are in the same position that we are, you should begin with medical supply stores.  Hospitals and hospice organizations will also have a line on resources.  Some of the supplies might even be available free of charge. Often organizations that offer home care can't reuse some bedding - although it is still in good shape - and that might be a place to look for low cost or free items.

Planning for tomorrow is not a sign that you are  giving up.  It is a way to prepare for the future, rather than letting the future knock you over.  


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